We Value Culture, Innovation, And Inclusivity

Our multinational team is something we are really proud of. We're always on the lookout for excellent new team members that share our enthusiasm and vision for a brighter future in the Consumer Healthcare industry. We break down traditional workplace barriers by providing remote and time-shifted opportunities that empower employees to succeed inside the organization. We promote open interchange and challenge of ideas as a team, a meritocracy that shows the greatest results. If you're ready to shake things up in the industry and make a difference, Healtha is the place for you!

We Hire People, Not Experience

Our hiring philosophy is based around who you are, not your experience. We value a self-starter attitude, open mindedness, the ability to speak up, creativity, and drive. If we think you’re a great fit, we’ll put in the work to make sure succeed in your role. We frequently offer both internships and full time roles in sales, marketing, R&D, customer success, and more.



We are a people-first organization. We believe that by supporting our team members, we allow them to be creative and lead with action to push towards the company’s ambitious goals


We invest in the professional development of our people. We look forward to discovering your personal goals and seeing how we can align as a company to match those goals.


We work in an industry that impacts the health and wellness of millions of employees. At Healtha, each day your actions will create a better outcome for Canadian families. 


We offer opportunities to expand quickly into new areas of innovation. Our platform is continuously developing and our team members must be ready to tackle the next project.


At Healtha, we are all about “Spreading health and wellness.” We are health enthusiasts, fitness fanatics, passionate learners, always eager to try new things, knowing that investing in health makes us feel good and shine from the inside out.

We believe work is an important part of anyone’s journey toward happy wellness and are always looking for talented people to become part of our team. We offer a dynamic and diversified work environment, whether you are interested in joining our corporate headquarters, call center and customer support, or warehouse and fulfillment staff. We encourage you to search our job opportunities and discover your next step on your journey to happy wellness.